Hello and welcome to my blog! I go by “Dr. Vee” and I am a young Nigerian-American woman with a drive to better herself while inspiring others along the way. I am a graduate of the University of Houston (GO COOGS!) and soon-to-be graduate of Meharry Medical College, accomplishing my life long dream of becoming a physician.



I initially wanted to change after my first semester in college. I no longer played varsity basketball. I had a glorious meal plan and indulged myself way beyond my previous athletic physique. I probably gained at least 20 pounds that year. The following summer I was determined to shed the unwanted pounds. Of course as a young girl I chose trendy popular methods like eating lettuce, pretending I was full while hunger taunted me all day, and doing cardio for hours on end. I was successful in losing the weight. Thirty plus pounds gone in one summer. But I was unsuccessful in maintaining my “gains”. I quickly put back on the weight I lost and then some. I was losing and not in the manner I wished. It wasn’t until the summer of 2012 when I could barely catch my breath playing a game of basketball that I became fed up once again, but this time I chose to bring change into my life the right way. A sustainable lifestyle change.


“Fit. Curvy. Fierce.” is here to inspire others to utilize available resources, seek out knowledge and unlock their potential so they can become the version of themselves they have always dreamed of.


I do not claim to be an expert. This blog is a result of my own research, thoughts and desire to help others achieve greatness.