GET FIT 500 Challenge (January 6 – March 2)


What is “Get Fit 500”?

This is an 8 week challenge that will consist of:

  1. A new set of CUSTOM DESIGNED WORKOUTS every 2 weeks
  2. A new set of  CLEAN RECIPES to try every 2 weeks
  3. And THE RETURN of “Gut Check” Sundays.

But what is unique about this challenge is that we will be building our workouts up to 500 reps! We will start at 200 reps, then 300, then 400, all the way up to 500 reps!!! This will be challenging, but stick with it. PUSH THROUGH THE PAIN AND FIND YOUR STRENGTH!!!

“Gut Check” Sundays are 5k (3.1 miles) runs completed every Sunday. The first Sunday (January 12) you will set your bench mark and every Sunday after you will work on improving your time. This is all about you competing against you! Exist outside of your comfort zone and there you will find greatness!! Comment with your run time so we can see how everyone is doing!

So this challenge is pretty simple. CUSTOM DESIGNED WORKOUTS (try to workout 5 days a week), EAT CLEAN, and “GUT CHECK” SUNDAYS.

Let’s get it!



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