Who Was Worth It and Who Was to Blame?


I shared this as a FB status a few weeks back and felt compelled to expand on this thought a little here on my blog. Please feel welcome to share your thoughts as well. 

There are inherent risks when it comes to falling in love. And the definition of risk is “a situation involving exposure to danger”. So if we ultimately determine who was worth the risk, why do we blame others when we get hurt?

Is it only worth it if it ends in “happily ever after”? If so doesn’t that place conditions in this love?

Stepping up to fall in love takes bravery and courage…but when it doesn’t go your way throwing tantrums dissolves all that. Why can’t your bravery and courage resound through the hurt? Why must you cowardice.


That’s what makes it so rewarding and sometimes, unfortunately, so heart-wrenching. But you ultimately determine who is worth it. Who is worth taking that leap for. Even when you make that leap and unfortunately may land where you never expected.



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