Take a Chance, Be the Example

Have you ever taken a chance on yourself?

Reached deep in your wallet and placed a bet on yourself?

Bought a ticket to witness your own show?

Why not? Are you waiting for others to take that chance on you for you? Well let me be the first to say don’t hold your breath. You must be your initial “investor”. You must seek and find or, out of necessity, create your first means to the ends you desire. You must purchase the first ticket to your own show. If not, how do you expect others to take a chance on you. Your works generate your initial capital.

But worry not. As you look out from the stage into the shadows, anticipation lurks. As your plot builds, watchful eyes will take notice. Spectators will advance toward your amphitheater and subsequent investors will flock and join your audience. They will see you setting the stage for your broadway production. Laboring to hang the backdrops of your dreams. They will volunteer as stage hands and hand you props to elevate your potential toward its climax. They will replace any bulb that attempts to dim your show.

As you continue to play the role designed for you (by you), developing your character, they will be captivated as you flourish and deliver under the heat of the spotlight. At the close of your production, they will be brought to their feet in standing ovation and call for you to return to the stage. But none of this can happen without first taking a chance on yourself. Be the example. Invest in yourself and display your returns to the world. Continue to work and build and I assure you they will come. They will come and see you are a chance worth taking because you took it first. 


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